January 27, 2012

ESPIONAGE ft. Africa Hitech, Martyn & Flying Lotus - Jan 7, 2012.

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January 5, 2011
Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer & Hermitude @ The Tivoli, Brisbane.

To Bluntly put it - this gig was… BAM!

With three exceptional artists in one of Brisbane’s best venues (The Tivoli), it was pretty safe to assume that I was in for a good night.

Sadly, Hudson Mohawke broke his foot and was unable to attend, so to fill in the big space was none other than Hermitude - one of Australia’s best beat makers/performers. They did not disappoint.

The Gaslamp Killer… I struggle to put this man into words. He owns his shit. He walks on stage and embodies the strength of the fat, delectable beats he lays down and OWNS it. Almost as if he is possessed by the very vibrations that the music is putting out. His energy was infectious, most of the crowd were wide-eyed and feeding off it, dancing harder and harder. He has to be one of my favourite people to shoot live. He is both equally exciting and fascinating to watch.

Flying Lotus seemed subdued compared to the onslaught from the Gaslamp Killer. Unfortunately FlyLo’s computer crashed and he lost a lot of data BUT the majority was saved BUT I believe it meant he had to rebuild his set in a matter of hours. Considering all of this, he tackled it with grace and laughter and most of the crowd didn’t even realise this was the case. So kudos. 

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September 24, 2010

Warp / Records / Flying Lotus / Player / Video / Inside the Codex: the Art of Cosmogramma

An amazing artist/visual philosopher who did the artwork for flying lotus’s cosmogramma album -WATCH!

July 28, 2010
Bit of a Playlist…

Okay, I thought it might be a good idea to lay down a bit of a playlist of what has been some of my favourites of late, as to spread the word and sound of good music. I am unsure of how to make a proper mix, so good old youtube will have to suffice.

This is an eclectic selection so I’ll break it down a bit…

Solid Grooves/Soul/Beats/Instrumentals etc.

Bonobo - Kiara

Constrobuz - Listen Close 

Dorian Concept - Her Marshmellow Secret 

J Dilla - On stilts (my happy tune) 

FS Green - Crisps 

Bibio - Lovers Carvings(Letherette remix) 

Flying Lotus - Sangria Spin Cycles 

Keaver & Brause - Awake

Boom Clap Bachelors - Ring Til Mig

Quadron - Day

Little Dragon - Constant Suprises 

Onra - My Comet

Pete Rock - (Pimp) Strut

Urbz & Cutex - Up & Down (track hits at around 50sec for some reason)

Damu the Fudgemunk - Colourful Storm

Afta1 - Nightlight

Fat Jon - Your Purpose

Flying Lotus - Do the Astral Plane

Tunes for the more bass/wonky beats/electronic/dub side of things.

Bullion & Paul White - Get Familiar

Dimlite - Locked

Hudson Mohawke - Ooops remix

Lukid - Sky Fly 

Joker - Snake Eater

Burial & Four tet - Moth

Ital Tek - Deep Pools

Nosaj Thing - IOIO

Prefuse 73 - Pagina Dos

Flyamsam - Offbeat

Dorian Concept - Freehanded Monkey

Hudson Mohawke - Overnight

Flying Lotus - Shadows of Tomorrow remix

Heralds of Change - Bopgunn

Starkey - Dark Alley

Zomby - Spliff Dub (Sukh Knight remix)

Dizz1 - Here We Go Again

Harmonic 313 - Köln

Scuba - Twitch (Jamie Vex’d remix)

Mweslee - Chandal 500

Mr Diabiase - Cosmo Boppin’

Well this is getting a touch long so I will leave it at that for now and give more regular updates, keep posted.

June 25, 2010
Pitchfork: Interviews: Flying Lotus

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